Erica. 30 years old. Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Editor
What I love most in this world right now: film photography, early morning coffee, crossword puzzles, mid-century modern furniture, anything Gordon Ramsay, Zelda, 80's music and movies, and lifting every voice to sing.
I'm originally from Dayton, Ohio and I am deeply rooted in Midwestern value: 
good, honest, and humble people who live simply and work hard.
My hope is to document stories for the rest of my life. My mom filmed my and my sister's upbringing on an ’80s, clunky, JVC camcorder. I'll never forget the feeling I had when I watched those memories for the first time. The candid moments captured on those home tapes made me realize how invaluable documenting is and the magic that comes when those moments are shared.
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