Michigan Filmmaker
Note: Wedding Coverage starts at $2500 | I will only be booking five weddings for 2022 and do not travel outside of Michigan!
Commercial, healthcare, small businesses, etc. are priced accordingly to the depth and breadth of the project requested.
Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourselves and fill out this questionnaire! I will be in touch shortly :) "Erica is truly the most amazing videographer I spoke with when looking for a videographer for our wedding. I had spoken with a few others and upfront, they seemed great, and then there were hidden additional costs and fees. We almost didn't have a videographer. And then we found Erica. She was responsive, open and honest. Not to mention her beautiful work! I loved how she carefully chose music that best fit the scenes, vibe and couples she was filming, and how she incorporated sounds of the day into the film. That was the thing that stood out to me. I loved our photographer and photos, but with Erica's videos, you get the movement AND sounds of the day. She also kept us SUPER involved in the making. It wasn't a "this is my style and I'm going to do your video my way." It was a "Hey, let me know which songs you envision your day to," and "What do you want captured? What's most important to have in your video?" I had not met another videographer like her. Everyone else seemed to have a "we know what's best for your video" mentality. Erica is different in all the best ways possible. Our video is truly something that we cherish every time we watch it, and it will be something we get to share with our kids and grandkids someday. We cry every time."
Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself and fill out this questionnaire! I will be in touch to send you a preliminary budget within 24 hours!“I have known Erica for about four years. She carries a determination to learn and passion for film at all times. Her creativity speaks for itself; Erica can envision a project and capture the emotion and detail with excellence. I enjoy the work she shares on social media. The subject matter is typically something she holds close to her heart. By the end of each video, I am left with a complete understanding behind her “why.” Erica boldly invests in herself and her videography education. She is always prepared to purchase camera equipment and teach herself segments of the Adobe platform. She built her client list, website, and additional income, allowing her to turn a simple hobby into her future calling.Erica continues to develop her craft both personally and professionally. She isn’t afraid to fail, she has a very kind heart and has a strong passion for learning. As someone who owns their own business within the industry, you would be hard-pressed to find another videographer more versatile than Erica.”
Full portfolio available here
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