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“As the Director of Stewardship & Development, I recently ran a capital campaign to raise $3.1 million to build an early childhood education and youth center on our campus.  We chose and hired Erica to produce the primary capital campaign video and several theme-driven promotional videos throughout the campaign. Her work was impressive, intuitive and exemplary.
As a part of the project, Erica led my team through the thought process of how to capture and convey our intended message and connect personally with a wide variety of potential donors so they would feel engaged with our mission. This was a difficult task since the donors with the highest giving potential would not personally be in the market for an early childhood education and youth center.  I was continuously impressed with Erica’s grasp of the higher purpose and objective of the work, which enabled her to both advise and construct the right content and digital product to reach our donor base.  She was collaborative on the work, very open to feedback and guidance, and her editing process resulted in our ability to use the main video footage for various other spots throughout the campaign. Seven months into the campaign, we met our goal!
Erica is a gifted storyteller with the vision and the tools to bring any creative project to life. Her work is on point and demonstrates exceptional attention to detail. Her imagination and technical savvy make her well suited for any videography project. She is forward-thinking and brings passion and enthusiasm to her work.”
​​​​​​​“I have known Erica since August 2016 when she began her position as a graduate assistant at Creighton University Campus Ministry. I worked with Erica in several capacities; as a graduate assistant and as a freelance photographer and videographer, after she graduated from Creighton University.
While on staff at Campus Ministry, Erica was a member of our Communications Team. She spearheaded a radical, but much needed, shift to the use of more social media as a way to engage our students further. She also developed a highly successful social media campaign called “Voices of Campus Ministry” which remains a pillar of all our social media output. Throughout these endeavors, her photography and videography skills evolved, and we appreciated having such a talented individual as a member of our team.
After Erica graduated and left the University, we requested her talents again in the capacity of freelance videographer. She helped us develop the concept and then created the reality of our successful 2019 Giving Day Campaign video. This video also doubles as a promotional video for our events and programs. She scheduled shoots to produce new content and pulled older clips from past videographers. She was able to put together the old and new in a seamless way. With Erica’s highly creative compilation, it captures the essence of what Campus Ministry is. The project emphasizing the warmth, hospitality and sense of belonging, despite the many days of cold and dreariness of our Nebraska winter.
She has a tremendous talent and a passion, that is not often matched, in the work that she does.”
“I have known Erica for about four years. She carries a determination to learn and passion for film at all times.
 Her creativity speaks for itself; Erica can envision a project and capture the emotion and detail with excellence. I enjoy the work she shares on social media. The subject matter is typically something she holds close to her heart. By the end of each video, I am left with a complete understanding behind her “why.” Erica boldly invests in herself and her videography education. She is always prepared to purchase camera equipment and teach herself segments of the Adobe platform. She built her client list, website, and additional income, allowing her to turn a simple hobby into her future calling.
Erica continues to develop her craft both personally and professionally. She isn’t afraid to fail, she has a very kind heart and has a strong passion for learning. As someone who owns their own business within the industry, you would be hard-pressed to find another videographer more versatile than Erica.”

​​​​​​​“First off, if you are debating whether or not to get a wedding video let me tell you I was on the same page. IT IS WORTH IT! Photographs capture the day in still form but video brings to life all the images and memories! We had our wedding filmed by Erica and we are in awe of her craftsmanship and creativity. We had a small wedding and reception, and Erica was able to capture the intimate beauty throughout the day and thread it together with eloquent editing. Prior to the wedding she conducted a phone interview with us, she asked us what we envisioned. Following the phone call she shared sample videos and an editable file where we could share our thoughts, likes and dislikes. Erica also requested we go through a playlist of music, she was open to our opinion and accommodated our taste. She is terrific at listening and caring about what YOU want and suggesting new ideas throughout the process to make the perfect wedding video. Once we saw the video for the first time we were crying. So much emotion flows through you while watching your wedding video. The final result was a video we were blown away by that captured our day perfectly!”
Erica is truly the most amazing videographer I spoke with when looking for a videographer for our wedding. I had spoken with a few others and upfront, they seemed great, and then there were hidden additional costs and fees. We almost didn't have a videographer. And then we found Erica. She was responsive, open and honest. Not to mention her beautiful work! I loved how she carefully chose music that best fit the scenes, vibe and couples she was filming, and how she incorporated sounds of the day into the film. That was the thing that stood out to me. I loved our photographer and photos, but with Erica's videos, you get the movement AND sounds of the day. She also kept us SUPER involved in the making. It wasn't a "this is my style and I'm going to do your video my way." It was a "Hey, let me know which songs you envision your day to," and "What do you want captured? What's most important to have in your video?" I had not met another videographer like her. Everyone else seemed to have a "we know what's best for your video" mentality. Erica is different in all the best ways possible. Our video is truly something that we cherish every time we watch it, and it will be something we get to share with our kids and grandkids someday. We cry every time.
“If you are looking for a creative, efficient, reliable, and AMAZINGLY talented videographer - look no further. I manage a youth program - and we needed creative ways to use videos to provide virtual programming for our events that were altered due to COVID. Erica was able to use her creativity and skill to execute a number of projects in a timely and exceptional manner. The finished product turned out even better than originally planned. Exceeded expectations! She is professional, kind, and talented. Highly recommend for any video projects!”

"Hiring a videographer for our wedding was a last-minute decision and I’m so glad we did! Hands down best wedding decision I made and well worth the money. Erica captured our wedding day so perfectly and we love getting to relive our day whenever we want. Throughout the process, Erica was professional, friendly, and easy to communicate with. She was committed to making sure our video was everything we ever wanted."

​​​​​​​I was very hesitant on having a videographer at our wedding, but I read a few reviews that some brides regretted not getting one and I AM SO GLAD I DID! Erica is amazing and so fun to be around. She makes you feel so comfortable and I gained a friend. If you are reading this, this is your sign to GET A VIDEOGRAPHER! And pick this girl right here.

​​​​​​​"If you are looking for a videographer who will fit seamlessly into your big day and authentically capture the pure love and joy that exists in your day- Erica is what you are looking for! Erica was absolutely incredible to work with starting from day one. She sat down with us before the wedding day both early in the process and closer to the wedding to discuss what we wanted in our video and really understand not just the content we wanted captured, but the feeling and theme we wanted to come through. She really took time to get to know us as a couple and understand what was important to us and was always available to discuss new ideas and questions we had.
She truly collaborated with us and allowed us to have so many choices when it came to style and music so in the end the video truly felt like it was OUR video. She never made us feel like any request or question was silly or ridiculous and also patiently and thoughtfully guided us through thinking about aspects of our day we hadn’t even considered. When the big day came she fit so seamlessly into our team of people who supported us and helped keep us calm and didn’t ever “pose” us or hold our day up for the perfect shot, but instead filmed all of the real interactions going on, which allowed our genuine love, friendships, special moments, etc. to come through and allowed for such a stress-free day.
We ended up with the most BEAUTIFUL video which is something we will absolutely cherish for the rest of our lives and we will always be so grateful to Erica for that!"
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