Tina Reuben’s story is truly one in a million. She went to the ER for constant headaches, high blood pressure, and shortness of breath. Several tests were conducted, one being a COVID-19 test. Tina’s results came back positive, but what she found out next would change her life forever. 

During that same visit, additional testing and a CT scan revealed that she has cancer – a cancer so rare that it is diagnosed one person per million across the world: adrenocortical cancer. Tina was willing to do whatever it took to face her diagnosis head-on: medication, surgery, and soon, a clinical trial. 

After more than a year of cancer treatment, Tina is back to her favorite hobbies, like cooking and spending time with her family, as well as her job as a physical therapist. Her surgery removed what is considered a high-risk tumor. She is surgically cured, but there remains a high risk that some cancer cells could be left behind. She continues to receive her ongoing treatment and is currently cancer-free.

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