Xochitl Garcia, MD, enjoys the entire spectrum of obstetrics and gynecology and the continuity of care it allows her to have with patients. Described as caring, patient and trustworthy, Dr. Garcia stresses the importance of working as a team with her patients. Meet Dr. Garcia with Springfield Clinic Peoria's Center for Women's Health team!
I also work at Springfield Clinic on their production team: storyboarding, scripting, filming, and editing with other producers and videographers - I am so grateful as this perfectly matches my career goals of working with a team and telling beautiful stories. It is so important for patients (current and new) to still feel safe and comfortable when coming in to see their doctors for their needs during this pandemic. And it is so important for doctor's and patient's stories to be shared. I'm overjoyed to be working with this remarkable team of individuals - they some of the most talented, creative, and inspiring folks I have ever met.
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