Meet the Docs serve as an incredible resource for current/future Springfield Clinic patients to be able to get to know their physician before their appointment or help patients choose which physician would best meet their medical needs.
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Meet Raymond Castaldo, MD, a pediatrician at Springfield Clinic. Dr. Castaldo enjoys balancing being serious and fun. He is known for his ukulele skills around the office and with his patients.

Meet Joseph Conlon, MD, a pediatric dermatologist. He encourages people not to judge someone by what is on their skin, but rather who they are as a person.

Meet Benjamin Brooks, MD. Every time a parent and their children comes in, he wants to teach them something new that will help them in their parenting. "I just felt like there was no better place for me than pediatrics."

With over 20 years of experience in the obstetrics and gynecology field, Neha Amin, MD, prioritizes building meaningful relationships with her patients. "It's the connection that we build with each other that's the most important," she explains.

Xochitl Garcia, MD, enjoys the entire spectrum of obstetrics and gynecology and the continuity of care it allows her to have with patients. Described as caring, patient and trustworthy, Dr. Garcia stresses the importance of working as a team with her patients. Meet Dr. Garcia with Springfield Clinic Peoria's Center for Women's Health team!

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