Fun fact, I also offer engagement session highlights! 
I've been lucky enough to film quite a few of these and you'll probably see more of them here than on my website, but these sessions are so special. What I do is join you and your photographer for your photo engagement session and essentially just stand off to the side to document all of those fun and candid moments. 
I still want you two to feel totally focused on each other and begin building that relationship with your photographer, so I'm more of a fly on the wall during that hour or two. Then, you get to walk away with a brief highlight that can live on your wedding website, be shared on social media, etc. 
If you're thinking of having a videographer for your wedding, I'd say having them (or me) there at your engagement session is great because then you can start to learn what it feels like to be photographed/filmed professionally. This way, you'll be even more comfortable with us on your actual wedding day and know what to expect! I genuinely do see a HUGE difference in couple's photos/wedding films who have been documented before their wedding. 
It can be a huge growing edge and I know that from first hand experience. I even still get photographed/filmed from time to time so I can remember what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera. 
Engagement Videos are $100

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