Director of Photography: Erica Reist Bass
Producers: Rachel Dyas and Angela Holland
In honor of National Nurses Day and International Nurses week, we featured three remarkable nurses who are leaders both at the clinic and in their personal lives. It was a privilege to be a fly on the wall for these moments and amplify their voices.

John Vickers, RN, believes it's important to empower his employees and grow with them. "I see them trying, doing their best, and it makes me want to try harder too as their leader," he explains.

Korie Whitford, RN, is a mom of two and a telenurse for Springfield Clinic. Using her skills and experiences from being a mom, she is able to help and understand the person on the other side of the phone line. "I just wanted to be that person that was there for people," she explains.

Nancy Dixon, RN, shows us what it means to be a #VoiceToLead. When she's not working as a clinical lead at Springfield Clinic, you might find her volunteering with the 4-H in the Logan-Menard-Sangamon unit. She says, "We all have a purpose and a leader in all of us."

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