Each year I try to do something special for my mom on her birthday. And as I mentioned in my biography, my mom filmed my sister and I's upbringing on a clunky, JVC '80s camcorder. At one point, she had them converted to DVD's and then later, I got them digitized. These home videos mean the world to me. They are one of the top reasons I chose to become a videographer. And so this is one of my favorite birthday gifts I've sent her way.
My Mother: She's the stranger who pays for the person in the drive-thru behind her and asks the cashier to pay it forward. She's the kind of mom who surprises you by showing up at the door to your college bedroom with a plate full of cookies for you and your roommates. She is my role model in every are of life: mother, wife, best friend, employee, athlete, sister, daughter, etc.
She is truly a living saint and I have never felt more confident in saying that about anyone.
I love you, Mom.

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