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It's hard to know even where to start with this one... I could talk about how meaningful it was to film a wedding for the first time in my home state during the peak of Fall, but for reference as to what this wedding really meant to me: after I finished editing the final version, I exported it and casted it up onto our living room TV so Henry could watch it (he always wants to see every film I make). He was enjoying it so much that he didn't realize I was sitting there with tears streaming down my face.
I have known the Fintel family since grade school. Abby and I grew up playing soccer together, Connie photographed my senior pictures for high school, and she painted the watercolor painting of me and Henry for our guests to sign around at our own wedding. So when I was watching this back on the couch that night, seeing Connie's face and remembering the emotions she had of watching her first born get married, seeing Bob dance with Emily to "I'm gonna be (500 miles) covered by Sleeping at Last, and seeing Abby and all her siblings support Emily and Jimmy with all the love they have - I was so deeply moved.
Emily and Jimmy, I am so thankful for you two. Your genuine, soft, profound love for one another is the most refreshing thing in the world. I love how you embrace each other for exactly who you two really are. I love that your favorite thing to do together is to go to a brewery and enjoy a beer together. Two humble, kind, midwestern, hard working folks who just get what it means to enjoy this beautiful life we're offered.
You and your families are beyond what any words or video could capture. I love you very much.

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