amber and Ryan's wedding film

sneak peek

Can I tell you about beauty?!
When Courtney, Amber's maid of honor, asked her how she felt after getting engaged, Amber responded that it was fate that brought her and Ryan together from their grandmothers. Both of their grandmothers had passed, just 32 days apart from each other. And this is what brought them together and began their journey as a couple.
And like Courtney stated in her speech that night, "You can't build on a better fate than something that was made before you were even alive."
I am so grateful for meeting Amber and Ryan. They were the very first couple that booked me when I moved to Springfield, Illinois. And getting to know them these past couple months has been incredible. An attorney and a national accountant manager. Two driven, inspiring, raw, and life-giving humans. I can't say enough how much it means to spend time with people that are completely true to themselves and carry such a positive energy with them wherever they go. I'm still thinking about those moments on their day when it was just me, Lauren, and them after they got married. We couldn't stop laughing or smiling. 
Amber and Ryan, you are so special and deserving of a joyful, lifetime of marriage. I hope I get to come hang out with you guys in Chicago some day or on your beautiful new land. Oh, and hang out with your awesome cat.
I love you both.

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